Social Network Analysis with AdvancedMiner SNA

Did you know that when your influencing customer decides to stop using your products/services, that means not losing one customer but several ones who will follow this influence leader?

But who are the influencers? Early adopters? Family members, friends or business colleagues? The most talking customers or the ones with most diverse incoming connections? The answer lies in customer social interaction data and proper tools.

StatConsulting presents AdvancedMiner SNA, a module of AdvancedMiner Professional system that provides a completely new way of looking at your customer – not only as a separate entity but as a member of a society.

It is an innovative tool for:

  • detecting communities (e.g. communities of friends, relatives or business partners),
  • identifying customer social role within the community (in particular detecting opinion leaders),
  • measuring the strength of customer influence on her/his surrounding community,
  • tracking the propagation of marketing messages among the customers,
  • visualizing and intuitively exploring network data.

With help of AdvancedMiner SNA equipped with advanced SNA methods and powerful calculation engine, you can incorporate valuable customers social interaction data into way you interact with your customers. And in result to reach improved business efficiency.

AdvancedMiner SNA can be applied in various business critical tasks, such as:

  • improvement of the quality of traditional predictive models (e.g. churn models augmented with social metrics, models for services upsell, cross-sell, saturation, customer conversion),
  • churn prevention,
  • identification of opinion leaders (viral marketing),
  • virtual activations detection,
  • fraud detection, payment delays on community level, early prevention of number portability.

Further information: www.statconsulting.eu/offer/offer_by_it_solutions/advancedminer_sna.html