StatC Engine - scoring system solution

Our scoring systems address a need to minimize the risk of making incorrect business decision in a company and improve overall decision - making process.

Our offer covers implementation of a scoring system as well as construction of scoring models. | more
Everything you always wanted to know about your customer...

What behavior is typical of your customer?
Why do customers shift to your competitors?
What additional products can you sell to them?

We offer analytical support for CRM and marketing campaigns.
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Data as a mine of knowledge

StatConsulting offers software dedicated to those involved in advanced data analysis and Data Mining projects.

Learn more about AdvancedMiner Professional.
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We offer specialized dedicated courses in risk management, Credit Scoring and analytical CRM.| more
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2014-08-05New product developments

ALGOLYTICS is actively investing in R&D activities, mainly development of its own software. Latest company developments exploit information about customer's social connections and automate the process of forecasting consumer behavior.
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2014-07-15We are now ALGOLYTICS !

In July this year, after 13 years of activity, we have changed the company's name to ALGOLYTICS (from StatConsulting). This change reflects a significant step in company's history, refocusing from IT consulting to provider of predictive analytics software.
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ALGOLYTICS offers software solutions for the analysis of large data sets and provides advanced analytical services (Customer Intelligence, risk management) as well as advanced IT support and trainings.

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Innovative analytical solutions development and international expansion support co-financed by European Union.